Instagram | Posting from your computer

How many of you photographers hate having to copy a shot from Facebook, emailing, or somehow sending a shot from your computer to your phone, using a re sizing app and then posting it to Instagram? I know I do. Well, now you don't have to. You can upload directly from your computer. With just a few quick steps, you can be uploading, tagging, and hash-tagging to your hearts desire right from your desktop. 

Step 1. Download BlueStacks. Available for MAC and PC. I'm doing this tutorial on PC. So just keep that in mind. Should all be the same. 

Step 2. Install it. 

Step 3. Sign in. Might need to create a Google account if you don't already have one. (It's free)

Step 4. Once you're all logged in, go and use the search button to search for Instagram. download and install it just like you would on your phone and open it when finished. 

Step 5. Now this is what you'll be greeted with. A sideways IG app... doesn't work well. But there's a fix! 

This program is an emulator. So it thinks you're using an android tablet. So in order to make it work correctly, you need to go down to your toolbar and right click the icon. It's the one with the green, yellow, red and blue layers on top of each other. 

Go to rotate portrait app and select enable. 

Now, it wont be rotated yet. Just click the log in button on Instagram and it will make it so it's normal looking. Once you're logged in, you should be greeted with your normal Instagram feed. Click on your profile. 

Go to settings and click on camera.

You'll need to disable Instagram from using it's camera or on your computer it will try and use your webcam. This step is optional if you want to use your computer to take the perfect selfie. Turn off Use Instagram's Advanced Camera and go back to your normal feed. 

That's pretty much it! Go ahead and use Instagram like normal. When uploading, click the add images button just like always. Two options will pop up, Take photo and Pick from Gallery. You'll want to select Pick from Gallery and then pick from windows which will open up your normal file folder window, go find the place where your picture is saved and upload from there. You will notice that in the filter selection area, your picture will be upside down. Don't worry about it. It will upload like normal. If you try and flip it right side up, it will upload upside down. Just leave it alone and you'll be fine.

That's it! I found it pretty simple and straight forward. 

Hope this helps some of you out!! I know it helped me and now I don't have to send images to my phone from my computer! 

Also, a quick tip, to get the square crop, create a 1080x1080 square in Photoshop or whichever program you'd like and do the re sizing in that. :)

Happy shooting!